Subscription Details


There are 2 packages available, Silver package for $12.95/month and Gold package for $15.95/month.  The Gold package has all the features of the Silver package but allows many customization options.


Once your app has been created you will have an activation date (example if you submit your information on the 7th and your app is created on the 8th, the 8th will be your activation date.)  Your subscription will be valid until the activation date of the following month (the 8th in the example.)  You have to renew your monthly subscription to continue using the app the next month.  This renewal must be completed prior to your activation date.  Invoices will be sent out approximately 7 days prior to your activation date.  Non-receipt of an invoice does not relieve your obligation to pay your monthly subscription.  There is NO grace period on payment due date.  If your subscription is not renewed, the app will not function.  There are NO refunds.  You may cancel at any time by not paying the renewal and the app will cease to function at that time.


Payment must be completed electronically using the PayPal gateway.